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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stop Oil Seepage

Most Americans are not aware of the problem that is facing our environment as a result of natural means. One example is the naturally occurring oil seepage. "Natural gas and oil seepage is the greatest source of petroleum pollution in the ocean and atmosphere."(taken from the SOS California website)

If you are concerned about our oceans and marine life or just in general want to be a good steward to this land, policies need to change. Take some time and check out the SOS California website. 

Take action, learn more and say yes to offshore drilling and exploration. 

Just think about it. Does it seem safer to get our oil tanked into this country on big oil tankers or drilled offshore and brought through pipelines? If we do nothing we still have to deal with the oil seepage which accounts for 63% of the oil found in our oceans and on our beaches. 

Thursday, September 18, 2008

View from the North Pole

Would you like to see pictures from the North Pole? I found this website and it is very cool (no pun intended).  They even have a section that shows web cam animation. Check it out at: Arctic Theme Page.

Also, here is another page I found that is quite interesting. Icecap

I think it is so important to hear both sides of the story so everyone can m
ake up their own minds whether to believe of disbelieve our climate crisis. 

Here is what the Old Farmers Almanac has to say about the colder temperatures coming. 

Also, if you heard the hype about the arctic sea ice disappearing this summer you will be happy to know they (NSIDC) now report that the sea ice has now stopped melting and that it is UP from last year. They won't make a big point to that though because they don't like the results. See their title to the story. "Arctic Sea Ice Now Second-Lowest on Record." Don't you think it should read "Good News! Arctic Sea Ice Melt Up From Last Year!" That should be great news, shouldn't it? 

Weird just weird. 

Thursday, September 4, 2008

What now, Global Cooling?

Come on! Do we even have this thing figured out!

The sun makes history! It's first spotless month in a century! Does this mean we are headed for a global cooling? Read this report and see what is happening that has scientists stumped! Daily Tech

We are all just a bunch of idiots down here thinking we can figure this thing out. We have no clue. Plus, if we are the cause to global warming, by our CO2 admissions, why are other planets warming as well? hummmm. Warming of other planets Could it possibly be something bigger than us in charge?

Why not take a look at water vapor? This is what happens when you add water vapor into the equation of what is causing the "Greenhouse effect". By the way, have you ever stepped into a greenhouse? Quite warm and humid eh? Funny how the US Dept. of energy excludes it.

Role of Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases
(man-made and natural) as a % of Relative
Contribution to the "Greenhouse Effect"
Based on concentrations (ppb) adjusted for heat retention characteristics Percent of Total Percent of Total --adjusted for water vapor
Water vapor ----- 95.000%
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 72.369% 3.618%
Methane (CH4) 7.100% 0.360%
Nitrous oxide (N2O) 19.000% 0.950%
CFC's (and other misc. gases) 1.432% 0.072%
Total 100.000% 100.00

Take a look at the whole study. A closer look at water vapor

This is just crazy to think that we have so much control over this.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I love Will Ferrell!! This is so funny. Your dose of laughter today.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ok, This makes me mad.

This video is about the famous "Polar Bear picture" that Al Gore used and other media outlets used to tug at the heart strings of all us animal lovers. They used it in a way that is misleading to the public. This twisting of information just makes me mad. Come on!! Everything we hear, see and watch must be filtered through the screen of context because anyone can twist things to mean anything they want it to mean. Many have their our own agenda to push and many will fake reality in hopes that they will blindside the public.

This is from the Daily Telegraph on how this photo was used. Not right!!!

Look into this further and you will see that this photo was taken by a student on a trip, her name is Amanda Byrd.

Just take today and be good to your kids. Give them lots of kisses and hugs and feed them good food.

Just had to add this! It is way too funny!! Ironic is the word.... Ann Bancroft

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Is it really true?

Just came across this video and it caught my attention. We talk about this subject all the time, "Is Global Warming really true and is it caused by man?" Jamie and I disagree on this topic because I am more of the skeptic and I am just not convinced that man has caused all these problems. I definitely believe we need to be stewards of this land just like we take care of our homes and our property we own. We need safe water, safe food and safe air. But, the whole destruction of the Earth caused by man. ummm.. don't know.

Anyway, if you want take a look at this video( I think it has a part two also). Very interesting on all the facts. I wouldn't even know how to check the facts anyhow, nonetheless, it gives a different side to the story. Which is good to see because you can come up with your own conclusions.

Here is another bit of information I ran across. John McLean Just in case your interested.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Do you know an organic farmer?

In honor of the great stewards of this land we would like to say "Thank You" for keeping our food safe, our water clean and our soil free of harmful chemicals!

So, if you or someone you know is an organic farmer, let us know! We would like to send them a couple t-shirts from our womans activist line, complementary of coarse. They could wear them at the farmers markets or give them to some of their farm hands or customers. It helps spread awareness so hopefully, people will look into the issues for themselves and make better buying choices.

Go to our contact us page and drop us an email and let us know who you would like us to send some tees too! We would be happy to do it. :)

Have a great day!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I love farms

Well, we were visiting a farm a few weeks ago and I must say, nothing beats the tranquility and the smells of a farm. Yes, even the poo smells.

It was a small farm dedicated to ducks, chickens and kitty cats. It had a great big pond (or a very small lake) whatever you prefer to call it, filled with fish and ducks. It was a fun place just to hang out.

Here are a couple of pictures of the kitties. They were so cute.

Hope everyone is getting out to visit all the farmers markets . They are in full swing. I hope to post some pictures of the markets around here.

I have corn in my garden this year! (Thanks to my neighbor) I can't wait to see how it tastes!

Oh, we will be getting a few pieces of handmade jewelry (necklaces) up on our site soon! Hope you can check them out.

We also except Pay Pal now. So, you may use any major credit cards for purchases. Safe, secure and easy!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We Are For Sale!

Hey fellow green people out there! If you are interested in starting your own business but not sure how to begin, have we got a site for you!!

We started this website only a year ago and we have found that we can not dedicate the time it needs to keep everything up to date and push it forward. We have had a wonderful time setting it up and designing all the shirts, but we both have come to the realization that our schedules will not allow us to further this pursuit. We wish to pass it on to caring hands who can move it forward into the direction of their dreams.

So, if you are interested. Drop us an email and we can fill you in. We are only looking to sell our inventory and recoup the cost of building the site, nothing else. This is a great and easy way to start your own business and it is only limited to the amount of energy you want to put into it!

Hope to here from you!!

The gals at Green Girl T-shirt Co.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Site Down

Well, we have been experiencing some technical difficulties lately and need to apologize for our site being non-accessible. We have had some big problems with our checkout and we are working hard to get things resolved. We should be up and at em' in about a week.

We are changing our checkout to strictly PayPal (Contact us for wholesale orders). PayPal is a great payment option and you may use all major credit cards, even American Express. Which we did not accept before. We think this will be an easier and faster way to checkout. Get the low down on PayPal here.

Hope you are having a great start to your summer, and check back again soon!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up soon and several people have asked in what ways are we involved. Well, it just so happens that two companies have asked us if we would donate some of our shirts for their Earth Day celebrations! We jumped at the chance because we are all about spreading the news! Especially about our food system, which needs lots of attention... check this out from

The Food Irradiation Plot: Why the USDA Wants to Sterilize Fresh Produce and Turn Live Foods into Dead Foods

Our food system and the way it is produced is our life force. If we destroy our soil we destroy our food. Soil needs attention. It needs to be fed and it needs to rest. Did you know that: Each shovel of soil holds more living things than all the human beings ever born. The dirt on soil These living things were created for a purpose and if we pour our chemicals on them they will be destroyed and our food will suffer.

Since spring is here we must also think of our lawn. Think about it...If you put chemicals on your lawn, to make it nice and green and the envy of your neighbors, are you doing a disservice to all your microbe friends under the earth? Try and embrace the flaws of your lawn and find natural ways to help things out. Organic Lawn Care For The Cheap and Lazy!

That's why we are so happy to be a part of these two Earth Day celebrations. It gets the word out!

The first celebration our shirts will make an appearance at is the Green Carpet Earth Day event at the Sagamore Hotel in South Beach on April 22nd. The portfolio style handbag, that our shirts will be included in, are being donated by Ecoist ( ). They will be given to the first 30 people who match the suggested donation mark. We feel very honored that we were asked to be a part of this celebration.

Another celebration that our shirts will be at is at the Corporation Service Company in Wilmington, DE. They started a Green Committee at their office and their first big event is the Earth Day celebration. They plan to educate and teach many important things including how to choose less wasteful supplies. They are even having a waste free lunch challenge. How cool is that! We applaud Lilllian and all those involved at the Corporation Service Company. This is the best way to spread the message of good stewardship. Good for you guys! We hope it is a great success!!

Don't forget we also have a special promotion coming up on Earth Day. Starting on April 22nd and running through May 6th, you may use the coupon code, Earth Day, and receive 10% off your order!

Have a wonderful day and don't forget to eat an organic apple today!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This is no April fool

Our friends at The Institute for Responsible Technology just came up with this neat-o pamphlet on GMO's. You can get the PDF version at the Seeds of Deception website. The link is here.

Lots of icky things are being cooked up in the labs these days, just thought you should become aware. Don't let all this scare you either. We never know things need to be changed until we become aware of the problem. Sometimes that is a little shocking, but well worth it.

Take the time and check it out.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Spring!

Yippy!! We can't tell you how happy we are that spring is on the way! The snow is melting and the birds are singing. What a great time of year!

Well, we had our share of the flu that made it's way through our homes. But we are finely all better. Maybe just a few coughs and runny noses left, but hey, we can handle that.

Now that it is spring we plan on going out and shooting some photos and maybe some video at the farmers market and local farms. I think we will start our own photo gallery. Sounds like fun.

Remember, to pass the word along about our kids t-shirts. Hopefully, more fun designs to come!

Friday, February 22, 2008

It's easy to forget

Being so consumed with all of our daily activities, most of the time, we tend to forget about how the food we eat was produced. Now, with this huge beef recall looming over our heads it's hard not to think about it.

What are we doing to our food system and will this ever stop? I wonder if all of us could stop for a moment and think. What is all this abuse the animal has to endure doing to our bodies after we eat our big juicy steak? Does the meet somehow hold onto the toxic emotion? I know what happens to us when we are under allot of stress. Not too healthy are we?

It is just so sad that our society has stooped down to this level in the treatment of our animals. Maybe we should all think about limiting our intake of meet. You know, it's those big factory farms that are producing all those greenhouse gases anyway. I know, I know, it's hard for some of you to give it up. Looking down at your plate with lentils and couscous just doesn't feel the same does it? Well, if you do buy beef or chicken you can always look for a local farm in your area that supports organic sustainable agriculture. It's better than the alternative!

We leave you with Proverbs 12:10
Good people are good to their animals;
the "good-hearted" bad people kick and abuse them.

Feed your kids well! :)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

We Love This!!

A friend just sent us a couple pictures that we just had to post! How cute is that! We just love posting pictures of kids in their Green Girl Shirts. Wow! Look at all that snow! I guess you can wear a tee in the dead of winter. Just need a little layering. :) Looks like snowman time to us!! How fun.

Anyway, just wanted to share some more pictures that have been sent to us. Keep sending them people! We love to share. :) Totally dig the sign!! Way to go!!

Way to go Green Girls!! That is what it is all about. Learning about our environment and all the things we can do to protect it and ourselves. Moo Moo! Cows do love that grass!

Have a great day!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Super Food Bowl

Just ran across this very cute video on the Natural News website. Something that should be circulated everywhere. Take a break today and check it out. :) Lets change our thinking so we can wrap our brains around the concept of fresh is best!!

Don't forget to check out all the other good information on the Natural News website. Tons and tons of good stuff!

Hey moms out there! Want a cool and fun way to pack your kids lunch? It's fun for you and for your child. I just bought the Laptop Lunch System and what a hit that is!! My son has told me he is not going to buy hot lunch again! Plus, he says, "It's very popular. " I guess his friends gather around to see what is in his lunch each day. How cool is that! It is designed so when you open the box you see everything which makes it very eye appealing. The containers are bright colors and when you add colorful food it makes it even better. Check out some photos of what people have come up with. Photos

This is so cool, even for the moms, because it gets your creative juices flowing. It's like a surprise for your child each day. Makes eating healthy fun again and of course popular!! Now, who doesn't like that?

Enjoy your day today, and eat healthy!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I think our Grandparents were right

As I was driving home today after completing my errands I couldn't stop thinking about all the "things" I saw while shopping that I felt I wanted. One in particular was this Sony Reader Digital Book. I looked at that thing and thought how cool! It can hold 160 books at a time! Awesome, I would love to have that! I was also looking at all the gadgets for my ipod that I got for Christmas. You can get speakers, cases, covers, and headsets. Then on the next isle was cell phones and blackberries, portable dvd players,and mp3 players. Then I saw GPS systems, satellite radios and a new thing called a mylo (something like a PC in your pocket).

Well, after making my mental wish list of all these things, it started me thinking about my Grandparents and their thoughts on all the "new" things of their day. I remember when computers came out, boom boxes, microwaves, and cable tv. Oh, do not forget the remote control!! That was huge! No more getting up and down to change the channel. Then there was the VCR and Atari (don't forget that! Ms. Packman and Frogger) Actually, I think I got the Odyssey play system. That never did take off like Atari did. Bummer.

My Grandparents view on all this was probably the same for allot of your Grandparents as well. Who needs that? It's going to rot your brain. You need to go outside and play more. You can get cancer from that! In my day we played games, actual games, none of this computer stuff! We didn't have TV in our day we just used our imagination! The list goes on and on!!

Being young, at the time, I can remember rolling my eyes and saying yeah, yeah, whatever!! I just thought all this stuff was cool! I also remember saying. "Come on Grandma, they wouldn't make this stuff it was bad for us." Well, I'm reconsidering that statement now. Were our Grandparents right?

The things that make me think they were right are the signs of our society today. We are overweight, stressed out, impatient, sick, and depressed. We take a gazillion medications to bring us up and then more to bring us back down. Our communication is based on text messaging and email. Bringing and end to the days of the coffee clutch (woman getting together over coffee to exchange coupons,recipes, and a bit of gossip). Also, think about what we see on tv these days! We are so involved in everyone else's lives with all this reality tv, that we forget we have one too.

What about our environment? What is happening there? All this electromagnetic chaos is causing all kinds of problems!! Is the colony collapse disorder that is affecting the bees caused by this? It's a speculation. What about the migratory birds? I think we are screwing them up too. Don't even get me started about the GMO problem or the cloned animals! I just read somewhere that they are now working on a new GM carrot that will produce more calcium. Ya know, people, just stop being lazy and eat a balanced diet. We don't need to manipulate our food just because we are choosing to eat all the wrong foods! People have survived thousands of years on the crops that have been given to us! The carrot does not need perfecting. Our thoughts do.

I can't help but wonder what is all this technology accomplishing and will it ever stop? I don't think it will and I don't know how much more we our planet can take.

But, I guess what I can do is this. Keep buying books. Hold it and feel each page. Get connected again and take a look at it when I'm finished. No digital book will show the emotion; the bended corners, the coffee stains, a jotted note or two, and maybe a dried teardrop. Yes, a book! It feels much better in my hands.

"To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children, to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch... to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived This is to have succeeded!" Emerson

ps. They were right. Now I'm going to play a game with my kids. A real game, not on the computer or tv. I bet Grandma is smiling right now!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Good Morning God

We not only dig organics and everything sustainable and just but we truly, truly dig God! Our passion for what we do thrives because of our love for the Lord and his creation. What better way to show your love than to take care of his creation!! The power of a tiny seed nested in the ground can feed many. It's not by our understanding but by His. We will never get it, never understand it and never make it (the seed) better. Understand this so today you may look at your food a bit differently. It truly is a gift from God.

Just cruising around the web this morning and someone told me to look up Coffey. Oh my! What a cutie pie! Had to upload this video! What an awesome voice. Hope you enjoy!! Thanks Melanie for sending this our way!

Good Morning God! It's a great day!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Extreme Recycling - You Go Boy!

Check out this guy! Sculptor, Tony Cragg, uses garbage to create art. Just some cool stuff to be inspired by.

Can you find the garbage?

See some of his other recycled art at:

Now talk about reduce reuse recycle!

Sing along everyone! Check out Jack Johnson's video!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Good News for you milk drinkers!

Hot off the presses!

Our friends at Food and Water Watch just updated us on the milk labeling rule change for those of you in Pennsylvania. It seems as though they are going to keep allowing companies to label their milk with a r-BGH free label!! Good news!! Now we can make a choice as to whether or not we want to ingest growth hormones with our big glass of milk.

Ya know, the bottom line is this. Those big biotechnology companies can tamper with our food all they want (we wish they wouldn't but it's hard to stop that), but please don't deceive us consumers and sneak this stuff into our food without us knowing about it. Let us make up our own minds. What the FDA says is safe doesn't hold water in our bucket anyhow. We don't know who compiles the "safe list". Do they have vested interest in what they deem safe? Don't know. But,all of us should start making these decisions for ourselves and stop allowing a government agency control over our health. All we need is a label that says what is in the food. Genetically engineered ingredients, r-BGH and now cloned animals. It should be on the label. We always say "Eat the way God intended. From His garden."

Thanks Food and Water Watch for all you do!!

Get the press release here.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Icky Bad! Cloning and GMOs Exposed!

Finally!!! All the Cloning and GMO nastiness going on is finally revealed in mainstream media...check out the news clip from Good Morning America!

Cloning on GMA

Found another one on abc news.

abc news on cloning

Show your support and tell everyone to "Stick It"! Wear the tee. :-)

Don't forget to sign the petition at The Center For Food Safety. Tell them to put a label on it!!

Cloned food Labeling Act

Have a great "greenie"

If you haven't had a chance to laugh today, which is very important to us!!
Take a look at this Laverne and Shirley clip!
Hope it makes you smile! Go Betty Go!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Miss. Apple is headed to the BIG APPLE!!

That's right. Miss. Apple has packed her bags and she is on her way to NYC! She is taking along with her Mr. Green Bean and Mr. Planet.

They have been tagged, boxed and shipped!

What fun! We hope they will be well received!

We had to post a few photos because we are
so excited about their new destination!

Our kids shirts will now be carried at the Playgarden 95 Franklin Street in NYC.

The Playgarden is a 4,000 square foot playcenter that will feature ball pits, tunnels, ladders, bridges and much more! Sounds like fun to us!

Being Earth friendly is also important to the Playgarden. They use recycled materials, organic products and even have an energy saving air-purification system! I'm sure we have all been into an indoor playcenter that needed a good air-purification system! High on the stinky meter!! Good for them! I'm glad they are going the extra mile for the health and safety of our little ones.

So, if you live in or are visiting NYC stop in and say hi! Don't forget to bring your kids along so they can play for a bit! Also, don't forget to pop into the gift shop and have a look around, see if you can find your favorite Green Girl Tee!!

Well, onward and upward!!

Have a wonderful greenish kinda day!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Our theme song!!

Well, if anyone needs a little pick me up today this little ditty should do it for you!

We were just talking today about business and all the things your mind can get wrapped around that stops you from celebrating the little accomplishments. Like we should have done it this way or I wish we didn't do that, or change this. But, actually each step brings you closer to your destination. I think the key is to focus more on the now than on formulas and business plans.

Well, as we were talking (actually emailing) this song came to mind and we thought "This is totally us! We are Laverne and Shirley!" I used to love that show by the way! Especially Lenny and Squiggy! Anyway, this is now our theme song!

No matter what you are trying to accomplish in life just remember to be true to yourself and do it your way! There is not a formula out there that can make you succeed. You can analyze, crunch numbers, formulate, create charts, graphs and all that other mumbo jumbo. But, when it comes down to it, look at what is in your heart and maybe step out of the box (filled with formulas and pie charts) a little and try it your way! Who knows what will happen! Remember it was the turtle who won the race , not that crazy rabbit.

So, here we go... One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Schlemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated!!

Have a wonderful day! I'm sure we will post more Laverne and Shirley clips!

Monday, January 7, 2008


We just got some new photos of kids diggin' their Green Girl Tees! Just thought we would share. It's fun to be Green!!

What a couple of cutie pies!

We also just heard of more bad news out of China. It seems some of the flip flops from Wal-Mart are causing a bad skin reaction. Check out the Flip Flop/Flop from snopes. Icky. Be careful what you buy! Our shirts are made in the USA and printed using water based inks!

Smile, it's a great day!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all! We wish you much success and happiness in 2008!

Just a quick update on what has been happening around here.

Well, we are officially in our first store! We are so excited! Our kids shirts are now being sold at Choices Natural Market in Rockford Il. The response has been great! The adults and kids love them all! Thanks so much Karen for letting us be a part of your store!

Thanks, also, for all of you who have purchased a shirt and who have given us such wonderful comments and feedback! This has been a great start for us and we can't wait to continue through the new year! Maybe more new products on the way!! If you have any suggestions let us know!

If you are interested in getting our shirts in your store please give us a call! We have a low minimum order of only 12 shirts! Give us a ring or an email and we will give you the numbers. We want to make it easy for you!

Have a wonderful 08!

"The greatest use of a life is to spend it on something that outlasts it." William James