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Sunday, December 2, 2007

A little about our shirts

We just wanted to share with you a bit of the purpose behind our "Activist line" and what we hope we can accomplish.

There are many drums you can bang regarding the health of our planet. You can bang the whole encompassing drum of global warming, or you can take one of the sub-drums and drum on those a bit. That's what we have chosen to do. We have taken the drum of our agriculture system and want to beat on that a bit. This includes issues such as organic agriculture, factory farming, GMO'S, labeling of our food and so on, you get the point.

We look at our shirts and think of walking billboards. Even if we get one person to check out the issues for themselves and start making little changes, we have served a purpose. Isn't it kinda cool to think that just by walking around with a tee shirt on you can start up a conversation and fill some people in on the issues?

We are hearing this from more and more people. One in particular, was a woman who wore the "stick it tee". She wore her's around at a school function and was able to pass on some good information. People will start talking to you, then they will ask "Hey, what's up with your shirt? What does that mean?" Then you just go ahead and share some information, it's that easy! You will be surprised how many people are not even aware of these issues.

See, you don't need to be radical about your activism, unless you want to. If your not one to march up and down the street and yell through your megaphone, just quietly slip on your tee and walk around. Someone just might stop you and ask a few questions, kinda cool. Also, don't sweat it if you don't have all the awnswers, just send them to our website, we have chocked it full of good informantion and a number of links to educate them further.

Another thing to remember is don't think our tees should just be worn on their own. You can funk it up a bit too! Layer it over another long sleeve or short sleeve shirt, put on a funky belt or were some chunky jewelry with it! Have fun. The "Farmer tee" looks great with a jean mini and a big brown belt sinced arond the waist. Very cool.

Last, if you have a club or organiztion that you would like to buy these for, do not hesitate to contact us and ask about special pricing! You can order just 12 shirts and get them for wholesale cost! Also, if you are a farm owner and want to order some for your farm workers to wear at the market, contact us! We could possibly even get your farm name printed on them for you too! Anything, is possible!

Bottom line. We want to make it easy for you to get the word out. If these issues are important to you, what do ya have to lose?

Don't forget! We offer free shipping now! (within the US) So, order your favorite today!

We leave you with Store Wars! Check it out!

Have a happy healthy day!

The gals at Green Girl T-Shirt co.