Get in the Green Groove

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up soon and several people have asked in what ways are we involved. Well, it just so happens that two companies have asked us if we would donate some of our shirts for their Earth Day celebrations! We jumped at the chance because we are all about spreading the news! Especially about our food system, which needs lots of attention... check this out from

The Food Irradiation Plot: Why the USDA Wants to Sterilize Fresh Produce and Turn Live Foods into Dead Foods

Our food system and the way it is produced is our life force. If we destroy our soil we destroy our food. Soil needs attention. It needs to be fed and it needs to rest. Did you know that: Each shovel of soil holds more living things than all the human beings ever born. The dirt on soil These living things were created for a purpose and if we pour our chemicals on them they will be destroyed and our food will suffer.

Since spring is here we must also think of our lawn. Think about it...If you put chemicals on your lawn, to make it nice and green and the envy of your neighbors, are you doing a disservice to all your microbe friends under the earth? Try and embrace the flaws of your lawn and find natural ways to help things out. Organic Lawn Care For The Cheap and Lazy!

That's why we are so happy to be a part of these two Earth Day celebrations. It gets the word out!

The first celebration our shirts will make an appearance at is the Green Carpet Earth Day event at the Sagamore Hotel in South Beach on April 22nd. The portfolio style handbag, that our shirts will be included in, are being donated by Ecoist ( ). They will be given to the first 30 people who match the suggested donation mark. We feel very honored that we were asked to be a part of this celebration.

Another celebration that our shirts will be at is at the Corporation Service Company in Wilmington, DE. They started a Green Committee at their office and their first big event is the Earth Day celebration. They plan to educate and teach many important things including how to choose less wasteful supplies. They are even having a waste free lunch challenge. How cool is that! We applaud Lilllian and all those involved at the Corporation Service Company. This is the best way to spread the message of good stewardship. Good for you guys! We hope it is a great success!!

Don't forget we also have a special promotion coming up on Earth Day. Starting on April 22nd and running through May 6th, you may use the coupon code, Earth Day, and receive 10% off your order!

Have a wonderful day and don't forget to eat an organic apple today!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This is no April fool

Our friends at The Institute for Responsible Technology just came up with this neat-o pamphlet on GMO's. You can get the PDF version at the Seeds of Deception website. The link is here.

Lots of icky things are being cooked up in the labs these days, just thought you should become aware. Don't let all this scare you either. We never know things need to be changed until we become aware of the problem. Sometimes that is a little shocking, but well worth it.

Take the time and check it out.