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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Green Girl Jaims

What's shriveled up in my fridge you ask? I think my brain is! Trying to figure out this blogging thing was getting the best of me. But now I got it and now it's my turn to blog the world.

Hello all...This is Jaims. I live in Boynton Beach, Florida very close to the ocean - 9 years - originally from Rockford, Illinois (you can take a girl out of the midwest but you can't take the midwest out of the girl.) I live here with my husband, Jeff, and my dog-son, Cecil Comisky Mershon. (yes, named after the Chicago White Sox ball field).

It's Sunday and rainy here today. Love it! It's rare to have it rain all day - most days it's too sunny to spend the day in sweats (you feel guilty to be inside and it's not the same) soooo, I'm in my sweat pants, drinking my fair trade coffee, and was reading the latest issue of Plenty Magazine (green reading). I also finished up reading the latest issue of Real Simple. They had a cool reference to a website that has eco-shopping in one stop online. - apparently the site has over 20,000 products!

Not bad for green awareness today. And that's the key to this blog when you read it. How 2 people are becoming more aware of taking care of our planet (air, soil, water, food sources, animals, etc.) and the day to day struggles as well. (Because a green life is not perfect - I just turned my air conditioning down because it's SO humid today! But offset this pleasure for no shower (saved water) - but hey?!?!? who needs a shower on a rainy day when sitting in my sweat pants! ;-)

Well catch "y'all" (my only southern attribute I've picked up in 9 years in southern florida) later - going to enjoy my air conditioning with a pot of chili and turn on some football. Da Bears!


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