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Friday, January 18, 2008

Good News for you milk drinkers!

Hot off the presses!

Our friends at Food and Water Watch just updated us on the milk labeling rule change for those of you in Pennsylvania. It seems as though they are going to keep allowing companies to label their milk with a r-BGH free label!! Good news!! Now we can make a choice as to whether or not we want to ingest growth hormones with our big glass of milk.

Ya know, the bottom line is this. Those big biotechnology companies can tamper with our food all they want (we wish they wouldn't but it's hard to stop that), but please don't deceive us consumers and sneak this stuff into our food without us knowing about it. Let us make up our own minds. What the FDA says is safe doesn't hold water in our bucket anyhow. We don't know who compiles the "safe list". Do they have vested interest in what they deem safe? Don't know. But,all of us should start making these decisions for ourselves and stop allowing a government agency control over our health. All we need is a label that says what is in the food. Genetically engineered ingredients, r-BGH and now cloned animals. It should be on the label. We always say "Eat the way God intended. From His garden."

Thanks Food and Water Watch for all you do!!

Get the press release here.

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