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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Miss. Apple is headed to the BIG APPLE!!

That's right. Miss. Apple has packed her bags and she is on her way to NYC! She is taking along with her Mr. Green Bean and Mr. Planet.

They have been tagged, boxed and shipped!

What fun! We hope they will be well received!

We had to post a few photos because we are
so excited about their new destination!

Our kids shirts will now be carried at the Playgarden 95 Franklin Street in NYC.

The Playgarden is a 4,000 square foot playcenter that will feature ball pits, tunnels, ladders, bridges and much more! Sounds like fun to us!

Being Earth friendly is also important to the Playgarden. They use recycled materials, organic products and even have an energy saving air-purification system! I'm sure we have all been into an indoor playcenter that needed a good air-purification system! High on the stinky meter!! Good for them! I'm glad they are going the extra mile for the health and safety of our little ones.

So, if you live in or are visiting NYC stop in and say hi! Don't forget to bring your kids along so they can play for a bit! Also, don't forget to pop into the gift shop and have a look around, see if you can find your favorite Green Girl Tee!!

Well, onward and upward!!

Have a wonderful greenish kinda day!

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