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Thursday, September 18, 2008

View from the North Pole

Would you like to see pictures from the North Pole? I found this website and it is very cool (no pun intended).  They even have a section that shows web cam animation. Check it out at: Arctic Theme Page.

Also, here is another page I found that is quite interesting. Icecap

I think it is so important to hear both sides of the story so everyone can m
ake up their own minds whether to believe of disbelieve our climate crisis. 

Here is what the Old Farmers Almanac has to say about the colder temperatures coming. 

Also, if you heard the hype about the arctic sea ice disappearing this summer you will be happy to know they (NSIDC) now report that the sea ice has now stopped melting and that it is UP from last year. They won't make a big point to that though because they don't like the results. See their title to the story. "Arctic Sea Ice Now Second-Lowest on Record." Don't you think it should read "Good News! Arctic Sea Ice Melt Up From Last Year!" That should be great news, shouldn't it? 

Weird just weird. 

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