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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stop Oil Seepage

Most Americans are not aware of the problem that is facing our environment as a result of natural means. One example is the naturally occurring oil seepage. "Natural gas and oil seepage is the greatest source of petroleum pollution in the ocean and atmosphere."(taken from the SOS California website)

If you are concerned about our oceans and marine life or just in general want to be a good steward to this land, policies need to change. Take some time and check out the SOS California website. 

Take action, learn more and say yes to offshore drilling and exploration. 

Just think about it. Does it seem safer to get our oil tanked into this country on big oil tankers or drilled offshore and brought through pipelines? If we do nothing we still have to deal with the oil seepage which accounts for 63% of the oil found in our oceans and on our beaches. 

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