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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Local Thanksgiving!

What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than to celebrate it with the harvest from your local community!

It doesn't matter whether it's from your own garden, the CSA you belong to or your local organic market or bakery. It all helps in getting you connected again to your food.

When we start to make this connection we start to get a real appreciation for the true goodness of it all! We should all be blessed and thankful for all the food that is able to be grown within our local communities. It is what makes each community strong and healthy.

Fast food is too assessable to us nowadays and we have lost the true value of good food. We are so busy with everyday living that we don't take the time to even think about what we are eating, where it came from or how it was produced.

Try to change that this Thanksgiving and Christmas. Get in your kitchen and cook up an awesome meal. See it, smell it, taste it! But, most of all LOVE it! Yumm Yumm.

Watch this great video from our friends at Food And Water Watch! Good And Local

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Gobble Gobble.

From both of us at Green Girl T-Shirt Co.

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