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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Look for the 3

I just ran across this neat video about the toxic plastic PVC. Take a look at it. I didn't know that it's mark was the number 3. I also didn't know shower curtains were made from PVC. I always hated that smell!

Speaking of all those numbers you find on the bottom of all your plastic goods. Do you know what each one means? It's all confusing to me, but I found this nifty handout that you can print out and save for future reference. Resin Codes. Just remember though, these numbers do not tell you how to use the product they are only used for recycling purposes.

Also, ran across this article from Greenpeace. It also talks about PVC and gives you the plastic pyramid. From bad to worse, I guess. Pyramid of plastics. Plastic, plastic, plastic it's everywhere!! Oh, and don't think that just because you recycle your plastic that you are saving the landfills. That is only a temporary fix and it will find it's way there eventually. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer but, it's true. Most of the plastic recycled is turned into 2nd unrecyclable products, not into another container. Bummer.


Misconception #2: Curbside collection will reduce the amount of plastic landfilled.

Not necessarily. Since most plastic reprocessing leads to secondary products that are not themselves recycled, this material is only temporarily diverted from landfills. Furthermore, if collecting plastic for recycling makes it seem more environmentally-friendly, people may feel comfortable buying more of it (and therefore increase the production of virgin resin)!

Find all 7 misconceptions here.

We all just need to limit our use of plastics and stop being so dependent on that stuff. I know, it's so hard though because they make it so darn convenient!

Well, hope you are having a plastic free day today. Yeah, right.

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