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Sunday, November 4, 2007

A little Delay plus a little Moo!

Hey all!!

Just wanted to update you as to why our kids shirts aren't posted yet. I guess, since Halloween was last week, we just fell behind. If you have kids in school you know how time consuming it is to get the kids ready plus do your duties as room mom! Parties, Parties, Parties! Yikes! It also doesn't help to get sick. Hopefully, we are back on track!

As soon as we get the pictures done we will load these puppies up so you can take a look. They will make cute Christmas gifts!

Let's see. I'm trying to think if I have any "green" news to share. Oh, I did find out that the reason why cows produce more greenhouse gases than cars is not necessarily the poo ( that causes a whole host of other problems! as in contaminated water) it is all that belching they are doing. It seems, since the start of the Big AG movement they have been switching cows over to a sort of fast food diet plan. Like eating at Micky D's everyday. Have you seen Super Size Me? We all know what happened to him! He did do a lot of belching.

Well, cows were created to eat a variety of natural grasses (not grain, and not fast food grass). They have a special digestive system that contains 4 compartments. The rumen, reticulum, omasum and the abomasum. Cows and other ruminants, such as goats and sheep are unique in that they can convert grass into protein. No other animals can do that.

The rumen is like a 45 gallon fermentation tank that allows resident bacteria to convert cellulose into protein and fats. Cool. They were designed a certain way! I think someone knew what he was doing.

Well, in all our invite wisdom (or, wisdom we think we have) we, as people, thought that system wasn't good enough (as in most cases, think of GMO's) We needed cows to grow bigger and faster. We will do this by any means possible even if it means going against creation/nature.

So, the cows natural pastures that consisted of a variety of grasses and flowers was now changed over to the Micky D's of grasses, the perennial ryegrass. This grass grows quickly and in huge quantities. Remember, no time to waist! But, it lacks in nutrients so the cows aren't getting what they need, just a lot of belching!

Now researches are trying to come up with more "ideas" to solve this problem. They want to mix the old way, natural grass, with the new way, cheap grass. They want to bring in genetically engineered plants to help trap airborne nitrogen to improve the soil. They even want to give the cows a pill that will reduce their belching, I guess.

When will we realize that there are no shortcuts in the way animals and plants have been designed. Our creations yes! Cars, buildings, airplanes and all electronics. Yes! tinker with that stuff all you want. But please leave our food, animals and plants out of your "fix it plan". That plan was long ago perfected. What audacity we have to think we can make something better when we don't even possess the original blue prints. I'm talking about the system as a whole. Nature and how it all works together. Synergy

Bottom line. Cows were designed to eat natural grass. Let's not try to convert them into something that is beyond their capabilities just to satisfy our desires. If this concerns you find a farm that rotates it's herd from pasture to pasture to get a balanced diet. I think you will find less gassy cows! As Michael Pollan said. " We are what what we eat eats too."

Cool site for grass fed facts. Eat wild

Speaking of Michael Pollan. Read this article he wrote. It is a great look into the problems of grain fed cows. Power Steer

I found a little diagram of a cow. Just to show you the parts. Cow parts 101.

Have a great day!! Moo to you!

GG Amy

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