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Friday, November 23, 2007

I'm Full from Food and Time to Shop!

Well Happy "Day After" Thanksgiving Everyone!

Gotta say that I'm truly grateful for the food we ate yesterday. In relation to our last post - this year I really sat down and considered where our food was coming from, said a silent prayer to the farmers who produced the food, and to our turkey for giving it's life for a meal for the family to enjoy. I really considered HOW much we take so many things for granted. Well...once I packed away the last dish, I went to bed early so I could get up and take advantage of the sales on "Black Friday". Have to say... NEVER have done that before! Got up at 4:00 a.m. But I set my frame of mind that I would relax, enjoy the moment and if I found something to cross off the list it was a bonus. :-) I'll tell ya..."bonus" I did! Landed 8 gifts in 1 hour! A record! But as I stood in line, I was also happy that I had a list and thought a few things out ahead of time. Especially since my awareness in taking care of the planet is stronger these days.

You know, all the talk of being "green"...turn that off, recycle this, unplug that, etc. All terrific ideas...all great things. But have you considered that less is more? That "less" can help the planet as well? Time is tight and being "green" is not easy in a time of convenience, however, there are moments, such as Christmas shopping that we can consider not just purchasing "stuff" to accumulate in the back of someone's closet. This year I am looking at gifts that bring a family together (e.g. movies, games, food items, etc.) and stuff that people can really use (e.g. organic soap and bath gels, soy candles, comfy pjs, et.c) rather than things that will no longer be used in a year or just takes up more "space" on this planet. Let someone else pick out vases for their homes. Besides, your taste isn't always theirs... I've also spoke with family members on shortening the lists and being a bit more practical in helping to save the planet. (Great excuse eh?!?!? ;-) Reducing "stuff" can help cut down on the planet. Have you seen kids closets lately?!?! (or mine a few years back) Look... I'm a VERY busy gal as much as the rest of you are, but if you have to go shopping ANYWAY, why not draw up a list with a terrific mug of organic tea or coffee ahead of time and consider the "stuff" you are going to buy and really think about what a person wants or needs. Or consider accumulating a pile of items to donate for each item of a new gift that you mantra this year has been: I got a new shirt, now I must give one away!

By the way, I saw a great deal for wrapping paper at Walgreens (Buy 2 get 1 for free), ripped out the coupon and then thought, much paper do we use just to wrap presents? Oh I go again! can we dress up newspaper for wrapping gifts? ;-) Got any ideas? Newspaper isn't exactly "holiday" but there has to be something you clever crafters know out there...Let us know!!! I have a ton of newspapers that I recycle weekly. It would be great to wrap some gifts in it AND save some money.

One final thought during these next busy weeks: Remember, take being "green" a step at a time and just adjust what you are doing on a daily basis anyway. Baby steps.

GG Jaims

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