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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kids Pre-Show!!

Okay, Okay! We are so excited!!

We just got our order of kids tees in and we are so crazied up about them that we had to give you a little pre-show of the designs. Just a sneak peek though, we are only showing you two of the designs. We will leave the rest for our big unveil, hopefully next week!

We have 5 different designs so everyone should be able to pick a favorite! We have, Miss Apple, Mr. Cow, Mr. Green Bean, Mr. Owl and Mr. Planet. They all share a little saying and a fun little message. Miss Apple,for instance, "Loves her red shoes", Mr. Green Been "Has cool hair" and Mr. Planet "loves his moustache!" Who knew they had such cool personalities!

What more could you want in a kids shirt! A good message, deliciously cute, no chemicals to hurt their little bodies and of course a tad of funny (our favorite)!! They will also be easy on the pocketbook too. Only $15.00 a shirt! Pretty good for all organic and water/based printing! Yippy!!

So, take a look at Miss. Apple and Mr. Cow!

Coming soon to an all organic tee!

100% made in the USA! Sizes will be 2, 4 and 6.

They can only be found at Green Girl T-Shirt Co. (where it's Cool to be Green)!!

PS. Say hi to Phillip. He did our printing for us (or was it the monkeys)!! Thanks Phillip!!

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