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Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Friday!

Well it's a wonderful friday morning...i woke up this morning to hear that Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize! Terrific news. It's exciting that this issue of global warming is on the table and being taken seriously. Good for this he thought his destiny a few years back was running our country and instead his path was diverted to saving the planet! No pain, no gain. ;-)

On a lighter note...what is a green bag Aims?

Oh! So the latest on my end...finally found a local farm/ CSA (find out more what a CSA is on our Knowledge page) to deliver fresh vegetables. The fun part of this is that you don't know what to expect. It's whatever is in season. So my first box contained edamane (i know i spelled that wrong), zucchini, a yellow watermelon?!?!?, squash, small baby tomatoes, etc. - and it's different down here in Florida with our weather so you don't generally receive the same sort of "fall" vegetables that someone in the seasonal states might receive (like my bud Aims) - ok all - here's the challenge though...Jeff (my husband) eats about 2 vegetables at home(but a restaurant or someone's home he'll be more adventurous let's say...) - corn and green beans. So now we have all these fresh vegetables and as I am pulling them out of the box, he is all ready wrinkling his nose. Later that night, I boiled the edamane and shucked them on the couch while we were watching Bionic Woman (not as good as the original of course) and out of the corner of his eye he was watching me. "I'm not eating that crap. Gross!!" he says. I told him if he wasn't careful I was going to grind it up and sneak it his Thurday night beef burrito. So now I have these vegetables (fresh) and how am I going to get him to eat them? ;-)~

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