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Friday, October 19, 2007

Poo Poo On Us!

Very cool funny blog Aims! Makes me wonder then...what is the percentage on our poo? Hmmm... ;-) the book Aims recommended: Deliciously Deceptive by Jessica Seinfeld. Interesting recipes and opportunities to sneak some veggies in the food. But you know, the concept is also a good idea to get more veggies in the diet then just what you cook for dinner. There is a muffin recipe where you can get 1/4 your daily recommendation of veggies. The trick - will it be any good? So, this weekend I am going to stock up on all the ingredients and give it a try. I'll take some pics too. We'll see what we come up with, however, it won't be considered a success unless I see a smile on Jeff's face. He's my big kid. If it tastes "bad" then we have "good". ;-)

For all you non-toxic cleaning supply people - came across a site that has all sort of useful ideas for vinegar .

And for those of you who are ditching the plastic grocery bags for the recycleable bag - Method cleaning products is offering a free bag if you use their products
Save the landfills!

Have a great weekend!

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