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Friday, October 19, 2007

Gas vs. Poo


13 PERCENT = The percentage of greenhouse gases created by all trucks, SUVs, cars, airplanes, trains and other transportation. (Gas)

18 PERCENT = The amount of greenhouse gases created by livestock production. (Poo)

Source: United Nations

Moral of the story: Would you rather sit in a barn with a bunch of poo or just with a few farting cows? ( I know, neither sounds pleasant, but the analogy fits!)

Above was a quick fact from the Organic Bytes newsletter. ( I had to add my flash of moral thought though, as you didn't know, right?)

So, if you are one of those people on a mission to get all those big SUV's off the road. Why not focus your energy on getting all the factory farms off the land too! I think the poo problem is a far more stinkier problem than gas. Even though they both leave a stink, the poo will sit and stew for a long time while gas doesn't have that much hang time (unless it's a bean burrito). :) Good observation! Let's clean up the poo!!

Now, for some ideas:

Find a local farm to get your meat from. They treat their animals with respect and don't create a lot of poo. They are good stewards to the land and don't contaminate our water.

Check out the 100 mile diet. It gives you good information on why you should eat local and how to do it.

Need to find a farm? Check out Local Harvest! Put in your zip, city or state and Presto! You got the goods!

Choose your local restaurants instead of those big chains. Most of the big guys get their meat from all those poo farms.

Oh, and you can't forget to look at the Eat Well Guide!

Well, I gotta go. It seems the dog under my feet has a little gas problem too! Must be the eggs!

Take care, GG Aims

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